DYLAN SKY WAS FOUNDED ON A NEED TO SOLVE A PROBLEM: TO OFFER A DESIGNER BACKPACK, UNLIKE ANYTHING THE MARKET HAS SEEN, WITH THE RIGHT AMOUNT OF FEATURES, QUALITY, AND CRAFTSMANSHIP FOR A SOCIALLY CONSCIOUS BUSINESS. Our story kicks off in Irvine California, with a young crew trying to navigate a trip to the beach, hit up Downtown LA, and hike on the same day. Yes, we’re on an adventure, trying to chill at the beach, work remotely and end the day going out with some friends. Why can’t we find a backpack that just works, one we can throw our clothes and laptops in without worrying about salt and water creeping in? BAM! Dylan Sky was born. Why not create a waterproof backpack with epic lines, resistant to even the most torrential downpours, and looks great with a suit and tie or even a wet suit? Welcome to Dylan Sky. A new bag, on a whole new level, designed in Southern California. We believe that your backpack is a reflection of you. You should not have to choose between function and looks. Our premium backpacks are inspired by a need to find a go-to bag, one that is a companion on a business class flight, surfing, and day trips to LA. It took us almost 2 years to perfect the design, we think we got it just right! Features customizable shelving for any situation, whether it’s the Pilates class, work, travel, etc. We believe that journey starts at home and doesn’t end when you return, we're here to help you carry your load everywhere you go. We believe that being organized saves you time to do the things you love most.