Ultimate go Bag

The Backpack Meant to be Used on the Go

Friend’s, family, hotels, or an old high school buddy’s house, wherever you spend the night away from home you need a bag packed with all the essentials. Unfortunately, most backpacks can’t fit everything into them and if they can, they definitely are not doing it while pulling off a sleek and classy look. One backpack comes to mind when thinking about these features; the one of a kind Dylan Sky DTLA backpack.

The DTLA backpack has a variety of features that will allow any user to travel efficiently while showing off their style. Most of these essentials that are needed when taking these overnight trips are small and fit in any bag, but most bags do not have the pockets and little spaces where you can keep these small items organized and handy.

But what about the bigger items such as a change of clothes or maybe some spare shoes? Stuffing those into a backpack is not as fun and easy as it could be. With the Dylan Sky DTLA backpack, the side pockets include shelves that you can place multiple clothing items without having to stuff and wrinkle your clothes.

This one of a kind backpack is not only filled with many pockets and spaces for you to put everything you need for an overnight bag, but it is also waterproof for those rainy nights and sleek and modern to keep up appearances. This classy bag has much to offer to a variety of consumers and is meant to be a go-bag! Even for those who do not spend the night away very often, it still has a large variety of purposes and we hope that we were able to share with you some of the features of this new age backpack!