Truth about MBA

Thinking about getting an MBA?

It's a tremendous investment in both time and money. A MBA is not for everyone and those that get the most value out of it usually have their 5-year end goal figured out. Below are 3 outcomes to thinking about. 

1. Start with your end goal in mind

Are you going to network or boost technical skills such as digital technologies, marketing, or corporate finance? Are you thinking of switching careers to business or thinking of starting a business? For entrepreneurs, MBA can be a great way to launch a business or platform and network with smart individuals. A dangerous mentality you want to avoid is thinking an MBA is the only option out of undergrad and it's necessary to get the MBA to obtain a job.

2. Network effect 

The networking effect is underrated and provides the most value in an MBA. From professionals in every field to executive mentors, the working effect one gets from attending an MBA program will provide the most dividends down the road. 

The community of smart individuals and alumni network is usually strong enough to help be a backbone of smart decision-making. Usually, the class will have people from all technical backgrounds as well as finding out ways to overcome challenges. 

3. Knowledge is Power

We all heard the term thinking outside the box. An MBA teaches one to be process-oriented and figure out technical questions through research and teamwork to figure out a solution. The MBA is a platform to help one think of how processes are already defined but how things can be improved/changed. The process of simple brainstorming to execution are the various ways of knowledge that go beyond the classroom. Soft skills such as teamwork, public speaking, and leadership are things that are developed and nurtured over the process. 

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