The Trying Truth of High School Athletics 

Highschool gives you the grounds to test the waters and attempt to figure out what you want to do with your life. It’s four important years full of academics and extracurriculars. Sadly, over a year of that highschool experience was depleted due to Covid-19. I think it’s fair to say that this past year has taught us all a lesson in patience and flexibility. I know for fact that is how I felt this past year with my crew team. Living during a global pandemic grew me in ways that I could not have expected. However, it served as a reminder to live in the moment, working hard to make it to the next step. As tiring as it is, it has greatly helped my endurance which overall enhanced me not only as a student, but also as an athlete.

Newport Seabase Rowing Logo and icon with Dylan Sky

With vaccines being made readily available and the world opening back up again, things are slowly feeling as if they are reaching a place of normality. Because of this, my crew team was provided with the opportunity to attend the 2021 Youth Nationals Regatta in Sarasota Florida. With the help and constant support of the Dylan Sky team, funds were raised to send four boats to the regatta.

NSBR Dylan Sky Rowing in Florida

Dylan Sky has been a great supporter of the program by donating all the athletes on the team with their Laguna Backpack. This provides the team members with a backpack that allows them to store everything they need in order to be ready for the race. I can clip my shoes to the outside of the backpack and store my gear in the separate compartments provided by the dividers in the backpack. I know where everything is right when I need it. 

- NSBR Team member